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The Clinic was founded by Katie Stienlet. Katie graduated with a 1st class honours BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Newcastle University and has a level 3 diploma in sports massage.


Katie has been trained in Italy on the Delos system and the Riva method, by Dr Dario Riva.  Katie has been working very closely with the Newcastle Eagles basketball team since 2017.

Part of the reason Katie is working so closely with the Eagles is that Delos training has the highest published rates of ankle injury prevention in Basketball.  A six year study with a 1st league team in the Italian Basketball Federation proved the effectiveness of this technique. 


Findings included decreases in ankle sprains of 81%, knee sprains by 64.5% and low back pain by 77.8% compared with a baseline of the previous best proprioceptive training.

  • Elite athletes across all sports for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

  • Athletes recovering from injury such as ankle, knee and back

  • Fall prevention and prediction in older adults

  • Altering posture (especially in children)

  • Orthopaedic pathologies – such as reducing need for orthotics

  • Anyone with a Neurological disease or movement disorder

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